What’s on a credit report?

This is the second post of the series on credit reports. I will cover the content of a credit report.

First of all, I need to clarify that when I mention “credit” and “credit report”, I imply consumer credit, or personal credit, as opposed to business credit, which has to do with how a business manages debts. Since this blog is about personal finance, I will only cover consumer credit. Continue reading What’s on a credit report?

Holiday Shopping

Since this is the holidays shopping season, I thought I’d share some personal tips on shopping as well. Full disclosure: these are what I actually do or have done at some point. I’m not going to tell you what you should buy, or even where you should buy them – that’s completely your decision and out of the scope of this personal finance blog; however, I will share with you the way I shop to get the most returns on my spending. Continue reading Holiday Shopping

I got Amex!!!

I am delighted to announce that I am now a proud member of Amex – the exclusive society … J/k, but only half j/k…

Remember that gold/silver/green card featuring a Roman gladiator in the front that your boss draws out to pay for coffee? Ever heard of the rumored “black card”, a sign of status, that only the elite can afford? What do they all have in common? Continue reading I got Amex!!!

Handling bills

Today I was going to write the next post in the “credit report” series, but I saw something funny today.

I was taking the elevator down on my way to lunch when I ran into my boss, also on his way to lunch, carrying a piece of paper in his chest pocket. Continue reading Handling bills

Overview of credit history and credit report

You may notice my continual use of the terms ‘credit history’ and ‘credit report’. I cannot emphasize these enough; a good credit history is one of the most important pieces of your personal finance, and a credit report provides a snapshot of your credit history. So what exactly makes up a credit history, and what does a credit report display? Continue reading Overview of credit history and credit report

How to apply for a credit card

Happy Election Day!!! Before reading anything I post, please make sure that you have voted for whom you think should lead America in the next 4 years.

OK, down to business now.

My first 2 posts explained why you need a credit card and briefly described the proper way of using a credit card. Assuming that you’re convinced that you should apply for your first credit card, there are many ways you can apply. Here’s what I did. Continue reading How to apply for a credit card