Personal Finance 201: Introduction to credit scores

OK, the credit score. This is perhaps the most controversial topic and most confusing element in the credit history universe. Humans in all stages of their history, have been easily fascinated by numbers, and today still retain a subconscious desire to summarize almost everything in hard numbers. What’s the temperature today? What grade did you get from the econ class? How many days are left till summer? Don’t we all love numbers! Continue reading Personal Finance 201: Introduction to credit scores

The story from the credit report

On a gorgeous summer day in Seattle in 2012, I had just found a new place to live – a neat house by Green Lake, Seattle – a beautiful neighborhood in Seattle laden with trees, dogs, open space, and young people. In a nutshell, it was my perfect place to live at the time. Being born and raised in a tropical country, I always feel pumped up by the sun. The weekend I moved was also when Bumbershoot- the largest urban music festival in the country I believe – took place. I came back from the festival, totally exhausted, woke up the next day, fully invigorated again, and decided to move on with my next project in life. Applying for the first non-secured credit card.  Continue reading The story from the credit report