6 thoughts on “Introduction to retirement savings accounts: Traditional/Roth 401(k)/IRA, what are they?

  1. Should I just max out my traditional 401k to the % my employer would match, then match out the Roth IRA and leave the rest to the brokerage? There is no point in contributing to Roth 401k right because my employer is not contributing to the Roth.

    1. I will talk about this in the next few blog posts which should come out in the next few days. What I want you to do before that is to confirm whether your employer matches your Roth 401(k) contribution. It would be odd if they didn’t; normally employers do not distinguish between Roth vs Traditional when it comes to matching 401(k) contribution.

      1. I did ask, and was given the information that all employer’s contribution went to the 401k not the Roth one.

      2. By 401(k), you mean the Traditional 401(k), as opposed to the Roth 401(k), right? If so, yes, contribute to the Traditional 401(k) at least to the maximum amount that would be matched. And thereafter you can either keep contributing to a 401(k) or contribute to your IRA instead. There are advantages to both.

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