Hello and welcome to Hiep’s Finance! My name is Richard Tran. I’m known to some as Hiep, hence the name of this blog. Having moved to Denver from Seattle, I am an aspiring actuary and have a passion for personal financial management. Graduated from Colgate University in 2011, I am very new to earning serious money and learning good habits to have a financially successful life.


I love numbers and I love sharing knowledge.262282_10150223186383048_1259004_n I will tell you the experience I’ve had and the knowledge I’ve learned on my way to find the best way of using my money. I have done a lot of research and will do a lot more to keep you as well as myself most up-to-date about all aspects of personal finance. I also need to learn more about blogging; I’m very new to writing a blog as well. If you have comments about developing my blog, please let me know!

Good luck on your path to financial success! I hope you find in my financial journey a piece of your own.



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  2. Hi Damien,

    My blog welcomes new writers. Please feel free to write about your own topic, and pass along a draft. Would you pm me your email address?


  3. Thanks for your article on AAMRQ, I could not find anything that summarized the merger as well. I invested in AAMRQ at $3.11 and just sold at $6.04. I am skeptical that AAMRQ shareowners will receive anything after creditors are paid off and I believe this is up to the BK judge to decide.

    Anyway thanks and I enjoy Seattle, I was raised there.

  4. Glad you found it helpful! Your timing was great – the stock had just started moving south when you sold it. How does making 100% return feel? 😉
    While there is uncertainty in any bankruptcy emergence judgement, I believe that there is not much incentive for the judge to rule against any plan that promises to let creditors make whole. Beyond that it’s between the company and the shareholders to decide how much the latter will receive.
    It’s always great fun to run into a Seattlite! Wherever you are now, I hope you’re having more sunshine … Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving feedback! I will update the blog regularly and hopefully will be able to provide you with other information you find helpful!


    1. Oh more sunshine yes in Orange County ca ! I miss home though. Love the trees and the smell. Yes I made good money and I’m glad I’m out! Now on to my next gut feel 😉

      Sent from Tracy’s iPhone

  5. Lucky you! It was sunny here for a full hour, and then the rain poured down on me and my co-workers as we walked back from lunch… But I did notice the spring aroma around my house in Green Lake lately – refreshing! Looking forward to the glorious summer in July and August. 🙂

    How did you connect wordpress to your gmail account by the way? I notice your reply contains the signature iPhone signature 😉

      1. I saw that article too and was thinking of writing a,response to it. It looks like the main point of discussion will be the amount of debt which I believe the article understated. My formula is highly sensitive to the total claims, and in order to come up with a reasonable range I’ll have to dig into the documents for a bit.

      2. I think there is more debt than they are projecting – I think united and delta both went through the same – not sure how their financials compared but I remember the shareholders didn’t get anything after their bks were done –

        Sent from Tracy’s iPhone

  6. Thanks, Ray. It was a bummer Nokia agreed to sell the D&S division to Microsoft too early. I was going to write tons on Nokia including an acquisition by Microsoft. As you can tell, I’ve dropped all the interest. As far as the impact of the sale, if it happens, to the future of Microsoft, it is, let’s say, crucial to Microsoft’s plans. Microsoft won’t go too far in the hardware arena without the deep expertise of the Nokia team. I think Microsoft is finally figuring out a sensible future vision which will allow it compete fair and square with Apple and Google in the new generation of technology. Microsoft has nothing to lose in this Nokia deal – they’re buying such a giant hardware capacity for dirt cheap.

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