My name is Richard, and I am based in Seattle. I set up this blog to share with you my financial journey, my experience building a credit history, investing my income, dealing with banks, and basically anything having to do with personal financial management. I graduated from college last year (2011) as an international student, and along the development of this blog I will share experiences specific to international students studying in the US. While international students may find this blog most helpful, my targeted audience is everyone who is exploring the world of personal finance, and eager to learn about how to better manage their money.

I hope you find yourself in this financial journey, and as such may learn valuable lessons or wish to share your own stories. When you feel the urge please speak up, even just to say ‘Hey! I had the same experience’ or ‘I don’t think you did the right thing there. Here’s what I did/would do’ . A journey is not fulfilling without companions, and the more the merrier.

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