10 reasons to use a credit card

In a previous post: Credit Card vs Debit Card, I explained the basic differences between credit cards and debit cards. Unless you have trouble controlling spending, credit cards are a much better choice for your regular method of payment. If my previous post didn’t twist your arms, I’m offering you more reasons to favor credit cards over debit cards (and cash, of course!)

  1. Credit cards help build credit
  2. Credit cards give you better fraud protection
  3. Credit cards give you the ability to dispute charges previously paid for
  4. Credit cards cover warranty extension
  5. Credit cards offer 60-day return on most merchandise
  6. Credit cards cover rental car insurance
  7. Credit cards cover travel insurance
  8. Credit cards cover luggage delay reimbursement
  9. (Some) Credit cards provide free concierge service
  10. (Some) Credit cards offer rewards on purchases

What do you think? Are you convinced that you should buy everything with a credit card now? Let me know if you’re still looking for justification… 😉

Usual warning: none of these reasons applies if you can’t control your spending. 😐


Richard (Hiep Tran)



Amex tripled my credit limit!

9 months ago, in November 2012, I was very excited to become an American Express Card Member! https://hiepsfinance.com/2012/11/18/i-got-amex/ . I was approved for an Amex Gold Delta Skymiles credit card with a $1,000 credit limit.

My first Amex card is a Delta Gold, with a $1k starting limit
My first Amex card was a Delta Gold, with a $1k starting limit

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What sets American Express apart from other lenders

Unlike Visa and Mastercard which only process but not issue credit cards, and like Discover, American Express also issues credit cards. The origin of American Express is also very distinguished from those of the competitors. They started out as a domestic express mail service back when the US Post Office did not yet deliver packages. They made a lot of money, and very quickly established the American Express brand as a premium service provider. Later on, American Express gradually transformed itself into a financial services company while skillfully retaining and enhancing the brand nationwide and worldwide.

Amex logo. Plain and simple.
Amex logo. Plain and simple.

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